At the service of industry


Ingeniería y Diseño


Engineering and electrical design development applied to industrial projects in different sectors. In the engineering process, INPROAFE studies the client’s needs and requirements and applies professional knowledge to provide maximum value to the final product and/or service.

We use the highest quality technology to select the best solution and equipment adapted to the project. To this end, we use advanced 3D-modelling and electrical design programs.

  • Development of bespoke, turnkey industrial electrical and automation projects, from engineering to commissioning.
  • Automation and electrical projects for deck machinery on all types of vessel.
  • Analysis, engineering and electrical design development applied to OFFSHORE wind projects in the stages prior to the manufacture of electrical equipment at the prototype stage.
  • Development of bespoke electrical and automation projects for special applications.
  • Electrical mapping.
  • Needs analysis for cooling, power requirements, short circuit power.
  • Installation detail engineering and on site assembly.
  • Manuals for transport, installation, operation and maintenance.
Fabricación Armarios Eléctricos


Inproafe has its own electrical cabinet assembly workshop. The production process includes both standard enclosures available on the market and the production of bespoke enclosures, the fitting of the electrical equipment, cabling and final testing.

  • Motor switchboards
  • Distribution switchboards
  • Industrial process switchboards
  • Prototype stage switchboards
  • Electrical testing validation tools for production processes
  • Control panels
  • Switchboards for special applications
Soluciones Refrigeradas por Agua


INPROAFE specialises in technology applied to cabinets with water-cooled drives up to 1,500kW.

  • Variable speed electrical drives enable flexibility in grid voltage and frequency, thereby obtaining energy savings, improved productivity, improved machine life-cycle, manoeuvre precision and reliability, improved system performance, simplification to installation and noise reduction.
  • They possess energy regeneration systems which reuse the energy generated in machine manoeuvres by returning part of this kinetic energy to the grid thereby preventing energy loss.
  • By water-cooling this equipment we obtain a reduction in the cooling needs of high voltage machine rooms and electrical rooms. It also enables a considerable reduction in the space necessary, which is a common problem in projects of this type.
Instalaciones Eléctricas


INPROAFE realiza instalaciones eléctricas y mantenimiento eléctrico predictivo, preventivo y correctivo eléctrico industrial de Alta y Baja tensión.

  • Installations at industrial plants
    • Metal industry
    • Food industry
    • Biodiesel plants
    • Timber industry
    • Automated warehousess
  • Electrical installations in cranes (bridge cranes, gantry cranes, container cranes…)
Traceado Eléctrico


Electric tracing consists of the installation of an electric heating cable in order to maintain the temperature of static fluids thereby compensating for heat loss through thermal insulation in pipes, tanks, instruments and any associated equipment.

  • Client needs analysis.
  • Bespoke engineering and design of the optimal solution
  • Installation of electric tracing.
    • Temperature maintenance
    • Prevention of condensation
    • Freeze protection
    • Static heating.
  • Design and construction of power and control electrical switchboards
  • Electrical installation
  • Supply of materials.
  • Installation detail engineering and on site assembly.