Expalum Badajoz

INPROAFE develops a turnkey project consisting of the engineering and manufacture of electrical cabinets, installation, programming and commissioning for two warehouse gantry cranes for aluminium spools on pallets.


Inproafe Automation develops the automation of a smart warehouse to store aluminium spools on pallets on shelves of different sizes. The warehouse has a storage capacity of 4,300 pallets and contains twin bridge cranes which operate over the entire area of the warehouse.

The aim was to simplify the warehouse management and storage process by improving internal logistics with an automated storage system.


  • To integrate the warehouse’s inbound and outbound goods processes thereby improving storage efficiency.
  • To facilitate goods identification in the warehouse by developing a system based on RFID technology which enables both reading and writing of information. Moreover, as this is an RF system, much higher scan ratios than in traditional systems can be achieved.
  • To enable the handling of up to three different types of pallets.
  • To facilitate the flow of information between the different areas of the production chain by developing a system which enables a connection to the company’s ERP which facilitates the communication and exchange of data.
  • To speed up the process of sending a request for an item to the warehouse from the production line by implementing client PCs.
  • To use an artificial vision system to correctly identify the unloading point for goods at each location in the warehouse.
  • To implement a system for sending data to portable devices such as mobile telephones or tablets to display process information.