2021 Lugo, SPAIN

INPROAFE AUTOMATION does the programming for new production lines for the dispatch of milk, adjustments and start-up of the system.

2021 Lugo, SPAIN

Integration of a new whey silo at a dairy, programming of new elements in the PLC and integration in SCADA.

2021 Lugo, SPAIN

Integration of new product shipping line to upgrade existing installations, adjustments and start-up of system.


2021 Badajoz, SPAIN

INPROAFE AUTOMATION automates two warehouse cranes for aluminium spools in pallets.

2019 Nitra, SPAIN

Inproafe Automation develops the automation of a smart warehouse to store aluminium and steel spools on shelves of different sizes.

2020 Badajoz, SPAIN

Inproafe Automation develops a project for the automation of a stacker crane to simplify the storage of aluminium blinds.


2020 A Coruña, SPAIN

INPROAFE AUTOMATION upgrades drives for the motor of a shredder at a wood treatment plant. Programming and adjustments to equipment and system start-up.

2020 A Coruña, SPAIN

Programming and adjustment of the drives for a cooling pump, Marpol plant pump and a mixer at a glue and resin factory. Modifications to the existing PLC and system start-up.

2021 A Coruña, SPAIN

Technical support for programming and upgrading components at a wood and parquet flooring factory.