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The most important features of these state-of-the-art products:

  1. The variable-speed electric drives allow flexible network voltage and frequency, which results in energy saving and improved productivity, improved manoeuvre precision and reliability, improved installation performance, simplified installation, noise reduction and longer machine life cycles.
  2. They have systems for energy regeneration by reusing energy generated in machine manoeuvres, thereby returning to the network part of the kinetic energy from these machines and preventing energy loss.
  3. Water-cooling of this equipment results in a reduction in air-conditioning requirements in machine rooms and electrical rooms. At high power, this offers the possibility to reduce the amount of space needed thereby solving a common problem in projects of this nature. These products offer the following advantages over other solutions that can currently be found on the market:

Innovative features

As all our projects are custom-made for specific applications, they all have innovative design and development features.


The designs we produce for the manufacture of cabinets with high-power electric drives (up to 1,500kW) have the following innovative features:

  • The implementation of a bespoke solution
  • The integration of liquid cooling
  • The integration of liquid cooling is a differentiating state-of-the-art element, and enables us to reduce the space and air-conditioning required in the area where it will be installed.

We develop the engineering necessary for both the manufacturing and the programming processes in order to implement the cooling equipment according to the needs of the drives and the capacity the installation has to supply liquid for cooling, thereby ensuring optimum performance.


INPROAFE is a SOLUTION PARTNER of the technology manufacturer SIEMENS. This positions us as the only company in Spain which partners Siemens in the design and manufacture of high power cabinets (>250kW).

The fact that INPROAFE is a “SIEMENS SOLUTION PARTNER  AUTOMATION DRIVES-LARGE DRIVES LOW VOLTAGE” means that, in addition to a recognition of business excellence, we can take advantage of direct synergies in terms of the multinational’s state-of-the-art technological knowledge.

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