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INPROAFE contributes to the technological development of the industrial fabric. We provide bespoke products which are adapted to our clients’ requirements and we guarantee the utmost quality and service for the complete life cycle of the product. We manage our business in such a way as to offer added value to our company at the same time as to the client.

We develop electrical and industrial automation services, from engineering and design, manufacture of electrical cabinets at our own workshops, installation and maintenance, to programming, commissioning and technical assistance anywhere in the world.

INPROAFE offers bespoke products adapted to clients’ needs, making use of the newest products available in the technology and automation market. We carry out the engineering and design of the most innovative bespoke applications that the international market may require.

We have specialised knowledge about the installations, machines and production processes where we install our products or offer our services. Innovation and technological development is a key factor for INPROAFE and for this reason, we pay close attention to staff training in order to ensure workers have the necessary and appropriate knowledge of the latest technologies available on the market.

The added value of our activity begins by offering maximum importance to our relationship with the client, response time and short delivery deadlines for products and services with guaranteed highest quality. We therefore offer products which are very competitive in the sector.


INPROAFE’s management team is made up of the company’s three founding partners. They are all professional experts who have over 20 years’ experience in developing projects and providing training in the field of industrial technology.

INPROAFE’s workforce is mainly made up of experts with recognised professional track records in the sector.


Nuestro conocimiento técnico y especialización en la automatización se ha puesto en valor en muy diversos países, estando presentes en varios puntos de Europa, América y Asia.



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